Error Eye Test – Level 1

Perfect Eye Test - Level 1

This is a Perfect Eye Test. Research has shown that if you have a perfect eye (an eye to spot errors), you can become a better translator and copy-editor. If you don’t have an error eye, that means you cannot see your mistakes amd if you cannot see your mistakes, you cannot learn from them. If your error eye is poor, possible reasons are lack of focus, overconfidence, unsuitable working environment or rushing to finish.

There is no back button, you need to pay full attention. However, there is a time limit of 180 seconds to complete all questions, because it is important to see how you will perform when trying to meet a tight deadline.

This is a free test. Take it to learn your error eye level compared to an average of contestants.
Please wait 24 hours before taking the test again, if you want to update your statistics.

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  1. sinemis

    “Treasury dealers were left holding 62.3 per cent of the … three year sale”

    Financial Times.

    As seen in the example, there is no single standard way to say per cent or percent.

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