Administrative Divisions – Editor Notes

Notes from the Editor – November 2015

Get the names of administrative divisions right

Names of administrative divisions change from country to country. When you are translating or editing a text that contains names of administrative divisions, you have to make sure you are using the correct terminology. The key to using correct terms is doing research.

County, for example, is an administrative division. defines county as,

the largest administrative division of a U.S. state.

one of the chief administrative divisions of a country or state, as in Great Britain and Ireland.

There are many countries around the world that have county as an administrative division. However, not all countries have counties, and Turkey is one of them. Largest administrative unit in Turkey is a province. Each province is divided into a number of different districts. And districts are divided into several neighborhoods.

The following screenshot shows a translation where “county” is used for the translation of “ilçe” instead of “district.” We may think of several reasons as to why the translator didn’t use “district.” But we can be sure of one thing: the translator didn’t do proper research and didn’t check a reliable source for correct terminology. Had the translator checked, for instance, Wikipedia, there wouldn’t be such a mistake.

Nubuto tips_districts

Go to Wikipedia and look for a city in Turkey that you know some of its administrative divisions, such as districts and neighborhoods. Then, check what they are called. For example:

Istanbul > Şişli > Mecidiyeköy

You will see that Istanbul is a province, Şişli is one of its districts, and Mecidiyeköy is a neighborhood in Şişli. There you have your relevant terminology for il, ilçe, and mahalle.


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